Badger’s Crystal Ball

Pixabay and Me
Pixabay and Me

This post will be a bit different than most here.  Rather than the whole post being from a specific date, it will be a series of posts from different dates.  If I see something that makes me think I see a pattern developing, an eventual outcome or even just an incident that is likely to happen.  You will find it here.  Not a long explanation, just the meat.  If you compare the date to the news, you will probably find my inspiration.

1/17/2018 – What actually defines “Executive Privilege” is going to play a “Yuuuuuuge” part in the legal outcome of all of this.  The President and a number of top Republicans are using it like a blanket to protect themselves from having to answer questions which might implicate the President.  In 1974, the Supreme Court rejected a broad claim of privilege by the Nixon administration, ruling, “Neither the doctrine of separation of powers nor the generalized need for confidentiality of high-level communications, without more, can sustain an absolute, unqualified Presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process under all circumstances.”

1/14/2018 – Today is the first time that the White House staff blatantly altered fact, and a recording to match Trump’s narrative.  I predict that this is just the first of many alterations.

1/12/2018 – As happened in the election of Roy Moore, a grassroots mobilization of people of color will result in Democrats winning almost every midterm election in 2018.