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At least for now, this site will be focused on my thoughts on politics.  I was advised not to do this by someone high in our government, but I couldn’t keep all of this frustration bottled up inside.  If you’re a Trump fan, move on.  No disrespect here. (okay, maybe a little).  Just someone exercising their first amendment right to free speech, while we still have it.  Maybe some tongue in cheek humor.  Hopefully, some thought-provoking post.  But I am not going to allow comments.  That would turn into a free for all, with name calling and a constant need for me to moderate posts.  I am not doing this to start an argument.

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Most adults have already formed their opinions, and are unlikely to change their minds.  If you are not a Trump fan, I feel your pain, and this blog is meant for you.  What I see happening to America since the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of President, not only disturbs me, it terrifies me.  I am neither Democrat or Republican.  In my state, the official designation is “No Party Affiliation”.  It’s not that I don’t care, I do.  I vote in almost every election.  My belief is that I am not going to blindly follow any political party.  I am motivated by the people and their actions.  I don’t really expect anyone to read this.  It is just that I have some frustrations I need to expunge.  I have found that when dealing with a difficult time in my life it helps to write it down.

Rather than try to express my whole point of view on the front page, I will start breaking it into posts, and hopefully by category as well.  Let the chaos begin