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Stephen Colbert, like a real genius

Thank you, Stephen.  You are one of the reasons I have any sanity left at all.  I’m sure the Republicans out there if you haven’t left yet are doubting that I have any. As hard as it is to believe I never heard of Colbert until he started taking pot shots at Trump.  Apparently, I

Donny and the Trumpettes

It is interesting all the names that the press and social media have come up with for that segment of America that blindly follows Trump, regardless of what he says or does.  I’m sure someone has made a list of all of them. A few of my favorites are Trumpers, Trumpist, Trumpet, Trumpkin, Trumpista, Trumpian, Trumpnik, or for

Ministry of Truth

I made a reference to George Orwell’s 1984 and the Ministry of Truth in my blog post Over the Top.  Today I feel is an important one in the history of our democracy because I actually witnessed the government altering the facts.  I should clarify that I don’t think it is the government as a whole