Are we at or past the edge of too much?

At some point, the G.O.P. ‘s bending, twisting and stretching of the laws to protect mine Fuehrer’s truly bizarre behavior will reach a point that people must make Trump face the piper.  It is time for his sycophants to join him in a court of law, to be held accountable.  David Nunes, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has his staff create or drastically alter a memo about the abuses of the FISA court’s abuses of power.  In particular, the use of the Steele Dossier to use surveillance on Carter Page’s activities and phone calls.  By extension gathering information on Trump and giving credence to his claim that Obama had his offices “bugged”.

David Nunes is the same player in this unimaginable play that on March 23rd of 2017 apologized for using poor judgment in choosing to brief the President personally before his own committee.  Back to the present, when asked if he orchestrated the release of the memo with Trump’s administration he replied, ” As far as I know, no.”  But when asked if his staff did, he avoided the question.  Even further Nunes described changes he made to the memo as minor and cosmetic, but he never briefed his own committee about them or gave the committee a chance to approve them.

At the center of this web of deceit, is a concerted effort to undermine Mueller’s investigation of the President. If you don’t have proof, manufacture it.  If the proof doesn’t quite fit alter it.  These are the very apparent strategies that Peter Nunes operates under.  There is no question that he is willing to put his loyalty to the President ahead of his loyalty to the American people.

The bottom line is that the head of the FBI appointed by Trump, and the Deputy AG of the Department of Justice, also appointed by Trump are saying don’t release the memo because there are factual omissions and portions of it that at the least questionable and more likely, misleading.   But Trump goes publically on record as saying, he is 100% sure the memo should be released.  Trump also tweets that FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was briefly on Mueller’s investigative team, had committed treason.  This is for saying disparaging things to his girlfriend in text messages.  The most powerful man in the world accuses an FBI agent of the highest crime in the land, which carries the death penalty as a possibility because he thought Trump was an idiot and texted a number of unflattering comments.  Gee, an American citizen has a political opinion.  He may be an FBI agent, but as far as we can tell he is also a human and has a right to his opinion.  It turns out this FBI agent was also the person who wrote the first draft of the letter that Comey read a few days before the election that the FBI would be looking further into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers.  A letter that many, including Hillary, say is a major part of her losing the election.  Yet in our illustrious leader’s eyes, he had committed treason.

Doesn’t this whole fiasco strike anyone else as being over the top?  The President is attacking the FBI, the DOJ, even a single FBI agent, in an attempt to undermine the investigation into himself.  He has already dismissed reports from his own intelligence community.  Instead, choosing to believe Russian intelligence.  He has repeatedly attacked the judicial branch of our democracy.  Either of being biased or not having the authority to overrule him.  This man sees a conspiracy in everything around him and is willing to tear down every pillar of democracy to prop up his fragile ego.

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What next, change the motto from “In God We Trust” to “In Trump We Trust”?


Where does it stop? Nunes’ staff meets with Whitehouse staff to fabricate “proof” to protect Trump. The FBI and DOJ strongly advise against its release because A. it compromises national security B. it has Factual omissions and C. it is misleading. Don’t these GOP idiots realize how close they are to the precipice. When Humpty Trumpty falls from the wall, he takes them all. 

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